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  • Cuddles


    From $44

  • Festive Fun

    Festive Fun

    From $49

  • Lilac Surprise

    Lilac Surprise

    From $49

  • Waltzing With Daises

    Waltzing With Daises

    From $50

  • A Little Caribbean

    A Little Caribbean

    From $50

  • Birthday Brilliance

    Birthday Brilliance

    From $50

  • Dare To Wish

    Dare To Wish

    From $50

  • Kisses


    From $54

  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

    From $59

  • Lush Purples

    Lush Purples

    From $59

  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue

    From $69

  • Enchanted Blooms

    Enchanted Blooms

    From $75



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Lily’s Florist Pomona! You Can Gain a Smile with One Modest Phone Call …

Dreams have been fulfilled for so many years with style and flowers. Keeping up with fashion and flowers has been Lily’s Florist Pomona with state-of-the-art trends also.

They focus on creating gorgeous floral gifts regardless of what some may think! Their adoration for flowers determines what they do and who they are … each and every day.

And would you believe? Something astounding has happened! Lily’s Florist Pomona are bringing flowers to another level and are going like hell-fire on creating your floral fashion gift, making it so much easier! Lily’s Florist Pomona know they have faith in the fact that flowers and fashion go hand-in-hand, and delivery to be hassle-free, affordable and dependable. Their wish is to deliver a first-class package, no matter what your budget. 

The floral fashion designers at Lily’s Florist Pomona have a detailed approach when it comes to your floral arrangement; they then convert that thought into creating a special floral boutique design for the happy occasion. Basically, what is noted by you and your guests will be a long-lasting imprint of that special event, so would it not be so very imperative that it be an enduring reminder of a successful time?

Lily’s Florist Pomona believes that a financial plan is very important to a bride’s wedding, so they also believe in themselves to being able to a beautiful floral arrangement to suit your budget. They literally buy only the freshest of flowers just for that special day.

If you are looking for any old typical florist, it will not be Lily’s Florist Pomona. Why? Because all their flowers are fresh and hand-fashioned, ready to deliver to any special occasion.

So, if you are preparing for an event for someone special, we offer you information and guidance on the precise floral gift just to suit you and yours.

Whatever the occasion, why not give your home or business a stunning look with a gorgeous boutique arrangement like a skillfully arranged mix of the season’s best?

If you don’t order one of these fabulous arrangements now, you may hate yourself later!

What arrives hand-in-hand with an air of excitement? It’s quite obvious that flowers, color, fashion and creativity do. This is what comes to the table from Lily Florist. Perhaps it’s a surprise party for someone special or an event with a large gathering? Lily’s Florist Pomona has the flair, experience and resources to bring that perfect moment to fruition.

Flowers and custom are tantamount not only with theme parties or weddings, but also special birthdays, anniversaries, or a new baby! Whatever the happening, we will give it that exclusively trendy look, as well as the highest selective attention.

Europe was the starting point in flower design and gradually spread all over Europe. Widespread choices at that time were striking floral bouquets in vases, while leaves and fruit blossoms were interlaced into coronets to adorn walls and domed ceilings.

There has not been ample study until recently into which type of flowers that could touch the feelings of individuals to make them happy. Studies have now revealed that there is certainly a connection between flowers and a person’s outlook. After receiving a gift of flowers, one trial exhibited an uplifting happy feeling almost immediately to those who were feeling unhappy!

And you’ll really achieve that feeling of pleasure with Lily’s Florist Pomona’s floral gifts. And so, if you wish to say “Thank You” with that added moment of flair, congratulate someone special on a job well done, welcome families and friends to a party – Lily’s Florist Pomona are here to help you in your selection of that very distinctive gift.



Discover Pomona, California

Situated in the Pomona Valley, between the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire in the Los Angeles County, Pomona City had a population of just over 151,000 inhabitants.

Pomona is surrounded by the cities of Claremont and La Verne to the north, Chino and Montclair on the east, Diamond Bar and Chino Hills to the south, and South San Jose Hills, Walnut and Industry to the southwest. The San Bernardino/ Los Angeles county line takes the majority of the city's eastern and southern borders.

The City of Pomona, which was christened in honor of the Roman goddess of fruit, has a past as fertile as its soil. The Pomona region was sited along a trade path used by Native Americans and the first chronicled residents were the Gabrieleno Native Americans. In the 1700's, the valley became known as Rancho San Jose and later it turned into a section of grazing lands of the Mission San Gabriel. More than fifty years later, two soldiers, appealed to the governor and were approved rights to the land.

Pomona was known as an "urban garden" in the early 1800s, and rapidly became a commercial front-runner in citrus. The arrival of the railroad in the 1870s encouraged farming. The naming of the town "Pomona" came about from the increasing commerce which predisposed the citrus public to the name. This name proved far-sighted as vineyards thrived in the 1880's, providing the raisin and winemaking industries. In the 1890's, olive groves and citrus orchards replaced vineyards and all through its farming initiatives, Pomona upheld a commercial headway in the valley.

In 1888, Pomona was amalgamated as a city, and today, Pomona is the seventh major metropolitan city in Los Angeles County. Pomona claims a business opportunity with a broad-minded economy, and a robust workforce with smart recreational, shopping and real estate present. In the past, the Pomona Valley had been a productive valley and is now fertile from the efforts and strength of its public. With a dream to endorse economic prosperity and pleasant variety, Pomona is a vivacious community with broad-minded citizens leading and challenging the confines of development, while determined to deliver a high class of life for all of Pomona.

Religious organizations are extremely entrenched in the history of Pomona. There are now over 120 churches, representing the majority of religions in today's civilization.

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